Website Maintenance for a healthy business.

So you have a website. What next? Get website maintenance! Regular visitors to your website ensure regular business to you. Website visitors and search engines love to visit those sites which are maintained at regular intervals. So get website maintenance. Continue Reading →

Content Marketing – moving towards Online Success!

Do you want to market your business online? Now, who doesn’t, but how?  Create quality "Contents". That's the key.  Contents can be anything from text, still images, videos – anything on the web page that can attract visitors, convert prospects into customers or encourages ... Continue Reading →

Do you have a Mobile Friendly website? Google’s Mobilegeddon is here!

Google has finally rolled out its much touted mobile friendly algorithm. In search engine land they call it Google's “Mobilegeddon”. Google’s aim is to ensure that mobile-friendly pages and websites are given a boost in Google’s mobile search. Will my website be affected? The rapid technology ... Continue Reading →

Website Redesign without Website Maintenance; what’s the use?

Most businesses and website owners have an amazing mentality when it comes to their websites! Set it up & forget it! Result? Negligible or no visitors! And then they redesign the website.   We, as a part of our website maintenance spiel, ask the client what maintenance they expect after website redesign. ... Continue Reading →

Is it important for your business to have an Online Presence?

How much time do customers spend online?  We don’t call this a “digital age” for nothing. According to Google 97% of consumers search the internet, for local business.  Even if your company is not doing business online, your customers and potential customers expect to see you online. ... Continue Reading →

Why Website Optimisation is relevant to your website?

Why should I optimise my website? What is the advantage? How is website optimisation relevant to my business?  Asks most small businesses, who have an online presence.  Take a look at a tech prediction of the recent times:  “India will have 526m internet users by 2018” Cisco predicts ... Continue Reading →

“Blogging” An effective way to escape Search Engine ranking doldrums

Blogging – An effective way to escape Search Engine ranking doldrums. The need for a good search engine ranking is felt by most companies. With Google already incorporating freshness and social media buzz into its algorithms, only optimising the website would not do. Social Media and other human interaction ... Continue Reading →

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