How well do you Manage your Online Presence?

Your Business is now ONLINE and very SOCIAL. “Word of Mouth” is no more offline but ONLINE, featured with reviews, comments, recommendations, searches, likes and more. Today, if somebody desires to know about your business or your brand, guess where they would go!   You are right… ... Continue Reading →

Why the hell would I want Website Maintenance?

“I designed my website and I paid the fellow a lot of money for it. Now you say I should maintain my website. And spend more money on it?…. Bullshit!! I mean; why the hell would I want your website maintenance? I don’t even know what I would get in return…. ”. Extract of a conversation ... Continue Reading →

How to Improve your Website Conversion?

“I have a website.  And I have created my business profile on all known social platform known. Yet, I am not getting customers.  My website conversion is very poor! Why?” Sounds familiar! Welcome to the world of “skimming”.  You do this everyday with your newspaper. You ... Continue Reading →

Letting Social Media Market Your Business!

Social Media is a phrase that is being tossed around a lot today – and you just can’t miss it. And it is no more a kid stuff. With businesses getting hold of the Internet, big time, Social Media marketing provides businesses a tremendous opportunity to connect with potential customers. Continue Reading →

FORBIDDEN: Mass mailing is not allowed on Shared Hosting!

“It’s Monday. I have some urgent mails to send and all my mails are blocked. No outgoing and no incoming. Please rectify ASAP”, Customer of TROPPUS, via SMS at 10.54 AM, Monday morning. What a way to start the week! Since morning we at TROPPUS have been bludgeon with calls from agitated ... Continue Reading →

How to Optimize your Website?

You are out for a trip and you are completely new to that area. Imagine, you’re unfamiliar about the place and you are interested to watch a movie, or visit a decent restaurant, or a good coffee shop or some other local stores or a local business.         Now what will you ... Continue Reading →

Importance of CTAs on your website!

“Action goal” has to be clearly defined in any Business Website. How does your website guide your visitors to do business with you? Continue Reading →

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