Do you nurture your website to better results?

An old school joke from the bygone era of “controlled naughtiness”! “I love my teacher; my teacher loves his daughter; hence I love my teacher’s daughter”. The subject was our maths teacher who was always into theorems. (Sigh… this is still nostalgic) Now apply this to a ... Continue Reading →

Website Redesign vs Website Re-align! What does this mean to you?

Your website is the most critical component to your online marketing strategy; to get new business. It not only helps educate your user base but also enhances or complements your marketing efforts. Continue Reading →

How much would website maintenance cost?

This is really baffling! I mean, normally it was the design cost that's been a mystery.  "How much would my website design cost?" was the usual banter. Not that it has ended, but things have changed! Now everyone wants to know, “what is your cost for website maintenance?”  The ... Continue Reading →

Is it important for your business to have an Online Presence?

How much time do customers spend online?  We don’t call this a “digital age” for nothing. According to Google 97% of consumers search the internet, for local business.  Even if your company is not doing business online, your customers and potential customers expect to see you online. ... Continue Reading →

Help! My Email is Hacked!!

Can't login to your email account? Are you getting undeliverable and bounce messages for email you never sent? Are friends and clients complaining of receiving emails you never sent? Yes? You could have become the victim of a hacker!! Large numbers of people get hundreds of unwanted and unsubscribed mails in ... Continue Reading →

How to be on the top of the search engines?

Search engines provide a good opportunity for promoting your business online. In an era where search engines are fast emerging to be the number one research entities, how to be on top is the real challenge. The first step to get your website on the top pages of the search engines is to optimize it, a process that is ... Continue Reading →

Website Maintenance for a healthy business.

So you have a website. What next? Get website maintenance! Regular visitors to your website ensure regular business to you. Website visitors and search engines love to visit those sites which are maintained at regular intervals. So get website maintenance. Continue Reading →

Recruiters, you have to Manage your Online Presence!

“My website is "just" there. Clients don't see it, in spite of me telling them. Then why should I spend on my website?” Says a prominent Recruiter in Bangalore. Do you also share the same feeling?  Wouldn’t blame you!  Most companies ignore recruiter’s website, ... Continue Reading →

“Blogging” An effective way to escape Search Engine ranking doldrums

Blogging – An effective way to escape Search Engine ranking doldrums. The need for a good search engine ranking is felt by most companies. With Google already incorporating freshness and social media buzz into its algorithms, only optimising the website would not do. Social Media and other human interaction ... Continue Reading →

Can you ignore the importance of websites to your business?

What does a successful business need? More customers, bigger market share, staying ahead of the competition, effective marketing, low running cost and of course, more profit. Surely these sum up your business needs too. With your business success path is revolutionised by the “Net” and the number of people ... Continue Reading →