FORBIDDEN: Mass mailing is not allowed on Shared Hosting!

“It’s Monday. I have some urgent mails to send and all my mails are blocked. No outgoing and no incoming. Please rectify ASAP”, Customer of TROPPUS, via SMS at 10.54 AM, Monday morning. What a way to start the week! Since morning we at TROPPUS have been bludgeon with calls from agitated ... Continue Reading →

OMG!! My Website is Hacked!!!

OMG!! My Website is Hacked!!! One fine morning as you type your website URL, you suddenly realise your website is not there. You freeze; “Oh My God, where is my website!” Picking up your mobile you fumble to TROPPUS. “Hello … TROPPUS?” ... Continue Reading →

Hosting for your Webites

Hunting website hosts for your precious website can be a daunting task,especially when the options are more and technical jargons equally more. ‘Generally’ most of the business websites would be hosted on 3 common hosting types: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers or VPS ... Continue Reading →

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