Content Marketing with the Gods!

“What is the use of contents if I cannot push my services?”, quips a member while discussing the merits of a particular company blog.

True… very true! It is your content and you have all right to put what you want on it!

But, why should I accept it?

Nobody likes to be “sold”; everybody wants to be “told”! Content marketing is the art of “telling” (communicating) with your consumers without selling.  

No Selling


Instead of pitching your products or services, you deliver information that makes your buyer more sensible.

If you deliver valuable contents (information) to consumers consistently, they would reward us with their loyalty over the period of time.




But first, let us understand “Contents”!

Wikipedia explains,

“content as the textual, visual or aural content that is encountered as part of the user experience on websites.”

This may include, amongst others text, images, sounds, videos and animations.

Content distribution is a strategic approach, focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent information to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.

To a marketer this could mean “to drive profitable consumer action and consistently”. Good content marketing makes consumer to stop…read… think… and behave differently.


Next, who are the “Consumers”?

“Consumers are the Gods!”

How very true! With the Internet has becoming an integral part of our lives, consumers have shut off the traditional world of marketing. The days of waiting in line or going to the supermarket are slowly fading away. Today, consumers want everything within the comfort of their homes.

Consumers are experts at online “surfing” that they can take in online information without a care for banners or buttons (making them irrelevant).


Towards appeasing the Gods!

Provide contents that would keep your consumers well informed. Customers would admire and give their loyalty. They would willingly be your “customers”.  

Content Marketing deals with the reactions and emotions of consumers.

  • People enjoy and share quality contents on Social media
  • Search engines rewards quality and consistent content
  • Successful PR strategies address consumer issues
  • Great contents ensure PPC programs to work
  • Content drives inbound traffic and leads

Content marketing and development needs three attributes to succeed:

Image result for tick mark transparent background Time & Effort

Image result for tick mark transparent background High-quality contents

Image result for tick mark transparent background And a good strategy to implement

With most companies, all these are in short supply. And often ignored!


How to overcome this doldrums?

1) First, democratize the content creation. Why should only one person have all the fun? Allow the work load to be shared. It will give your content many different hues and keep it fresh and healthy.

2) Next, have a clear strategy and implement it strictly. Marketing is all about discipline.

3) Finally, don’t stick to one format. Look at different formats like Blog Posts, Videos, Infographics, Case Studies, Whitepapers, Testimonials, eBooks and more. Enjoy the challenge and you would find it interesting.


Last word!

StrategyIf you’re interested in marketing your business online (and who isn’t at this point) content marketing could be of great help. But, stay focused and have a long-term plan for success.

And, if you don’t have the time, look for a professional company and partner for your content marketing & development.

Hey but, what’s the cost? Oh that….that’s another story!



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