Website Redesign without Website Maintenance; what’s the use?

Most businesses and website owners have an amazing mentality when it comes to their websites!

Set it up & forget it!

Result? Negligible or no visitors!

And then they redesign the website.  

We, as a part of our website maintenance spiel, ask the client what maintenance they expect after website redesign. Majority answer “very little” or “not needed”!

How do these businesses ensure their websites deliver value on investment?  

Importance of website maintenance!

Studies have shown that people typically visit a website more than one time before deciding to make a purchase or to do business with a company or organization.

So, how does website maintenance help?

  • First impression makes a lasting impression. At least that’s what the website is capable of. A well redesigned website, should be easily downloadable and easy to navigate, is a treat to the visitors. They would definitely understand the professionalism and would want to do business with you. 
  • Fresh contents, updated on a regular basis would get visitors back to the website. Visitors like seeing fresh contents on the website rather than old and stagnant website. Also the search engines. They would rank the website higher. 

Visitors come to a website to satisfy goals, to perform tasks, and to get answers to questions. If users cannot find what they’re looking for on a website, they will go elsewhere. There is no point in doing a website redesign, if it cannot be backed up with a good website maintenance plan.

The internet is a fast changing medium. Your business website, without a good website maintenance plan will leave you in the dark. Both the search engines and customers may not find you when looking for products and services.



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