How much would website maintenance cost?

"Website Maintenance Tasks"This is really baffling!

I mean, normally it was the design cost that's been a mystery. 

"How much would my website design cost?" was the usual banter. Not that it has ended, but things have changed!

Now everyone wants to know, “what is your cost for website maintenance?” 

The good part is that businesses have recognised the importance of website maintenance.

Websites come in many types and varieties. So it is not easy to have an ad hoc price for website maintenance.  

Thankfully, unlike website design, website maintenance is not a “onetime affair”. It is a lasting relationship – with the website and the “master”.

And, as in all relationships, it requires time to “blossom”.

Having said that, outsourced Website Maintenance time comes in three flavors:  

  1. Hourly Contract – set hours commitment; Month on Month basis
  2. Task Based – One task at a time. No commitment.
  3. Hybrid Contract – Some common tasks hourly contract and complicated tasks on Task Basis.

It’s your choice!

Most businesses opt for the Hybrid flavor. Common “essential” tasks like updating the website, updating the blog, check links, add a new page, SEO reports and so on, on hourly contract and complicated tasks like payment gateway integration, sales lead management integration and so on, on task basis.

While costs on some months would be higher, the return would be exponentially greater.

Companies that want to remain competitive in the digital marketplace, however, know the importance of professional website maintenance.

So, how much will it cost for contractual website maintenance?

TROPPUS offers you a basic plan of 5 hours at $60.oo per month. Quite sufficient to keep your website updated, fresh and search engine friendly on a monthly basis. Click here for more on TROPPUS Plans.




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