How to Optimize your Website?

You are out for a trip and you are completely new to that area. Imagine, you’re unfamiliar about the place and you are interested to watch a movie, or visit a decent restaurant, or a good coffee shop or some other local stores or a local business.         Now what will you ... Continue Reading →

Proactive Website Maintenance – a step towards well-defined, highly sought websites!

Do you remember the first time you had designed your website? You probably had a meeting with your sales team, your production team and your design team. So much of enthusiasm around! Now that your business has grown, do you still have that same enthusiasm when you visit your website? Or you feel that you are ... Continue Reading →

Project Management – TROPPUS changes course.

As organisations go global, project delivery within the projected costs and schedules becomes a challenge. It all boils down to efficient Project Management.  When the focus is more on core competencies, outsourcing becomes a popular concept. Outsourcing Project Management ensures reduced costs and resource ... Continue Reading →

How to Improve your Website Conversion?

“I have a website.  And I have created my business profile on all known social platform known. Yet, I am not getting customers.  My website conversion is very poor! Why?” Sounds familiar! Welcome to the world of “skimming”.  You do this everyday with your newspaper. You ... Continue Reading →

Why should your vanilla website NOT be a Responsive Website?

“Why should I switch over to a Responsive Website?” interrupted my client.  You know the one thing that I hate?  Having to change my car tyre on a busy road and your mobile ringing incessantly! Imagine being stuck with a flat tyre, attempting to lift the wheel and trying understanding your ... Continue Reading →

Why is my Email going to Spam?

“Ok guys! This is very frustrating! Every time I send a mail out, it goes into my client's spam box. Why is my email going to spam? I tired of informing my clients to search his spam box for my mails. It’s so embarrassing!” Have you faced a similar scenario? Catching your ... Continue Reading →

Content Marketing with the Gods!

“What is the use of contents if I cannot push my services?”, quips a member while discussing the merits of a particular company blog. True… very true! It is your content and you have all right to put what you want on it! But, why should I accept it? Nobody likes to be “sold”; ... Continue Reading →

Dude, Your Hosting Server is Down?

    Dude, where is your website gone? …. and then the nightmare starts!       One of the biggest mishaps you could probably encounter with your website is your hosting server being down. It could be your worst nightmare!   Why me?  You scream! Then ... Continue Reading →

How important is Website Backup!

                         Imagine you opening your website first thing in the morning. And a message pops saying “your website is hacked” accompanied by a sinister laugh. It could freak you real hard! Correct?    ... Continue Reading →

Website Maintenance : Richard Dave story – Could your website be harming your business?

                      A frustrated and angry Richard Dave raved. But where did it all start. Three months back, Richard had decided to have a website. He had hired a freelancer to minimize his cost. What he had bargained ... Continue Reading →

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