Do you nurture your website to better results?

An old school joke from the bygone era of “controlled naughtiness”!

“I love my teacher; my teacher loves his daughter; hence I love my teacher’s daughter”. The subject was our maths teacher who was always into theorems. (Sigh… this is still nostalgic)

Now apply this to a business website! 

“I nurture my business; my business loves its website; hence I love and nurture my business website”.  That sums it up for  – do you nurture your website to better results?

Unfortunately, nurturing of websites, which means support and maintenance of it, is the most neglected aspect of any website life cycle. Partly because you are ignorant about the process and partly because you are too busy nurturing your business.

The basic funda of the search engine is:  “Nurture & maintain your website and it will reward you with more visits and better results.” 
Can you ignore that?  With over 80% of your customers using the search engines, my guess is that you would not.

So, nurture your website and your other online presence and keep them up-to-date. Your website visitors would be delighted to return back for more. And the search engines … well, they would help you to get more visitors.

Common website support activities are:

  • Aligning, Updating or redesigning your website with your business dynamics
  • Updating your blogs and sharing the latest information of your business
  • Updating your social media and engaging your friends and acquaintances 
  • Optimising, analysing results and again optimising your website

Outsource your website support. That’s the best way to keep your website up-to-date. Besides, website support professionals who are updated with the latest web technologies would also give you a lot of ideas and help you maintain your website properly. 

Looking for professional to maintain your website? Get TROPPUS. 



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