Website Maintenance Key to sustained success of your website

If you aspire to have a successful website, then maintain it professionally and regularly. Regular maintenance is the key to any websites continued success. Continue Reading →

Recruiters, you have to Manage your Online Presence!

“My website is "just" there. Clients don't see it, in spite of me telling them. Then why should I spend on my website?” Says a prominent Recruiter in Bangalore. Do you also share the same feeling?  Wouldn’t blame you!  Most companies ignore recruiter’s website, ... Continue Reading →

5 tips to plan your Online Presence professionally!

The need for small businesses to have an online presence is becoming increasingly important! But, for the Online Presence to succeed, it has to be planned and also managed professionally.  Let us take the first element of an Online Presence for any business. The Website!  Having an impressively ... Continue Reading →

Project Management – TROPPUS changes course.

As organisations go global, project delivery within the projected costs and schedules becomes a challenge. It all boils down to efficient Project Management.  When the focus is more on core competencies, outsourcing becomes a popular concept. Outsourcing Project Management ensures reduced costs and resource ... Continue Reading →

Professional Website Designs are not Cheap!

If your business does not have a website, your business does not exists! “Websites” have become an important communication tool on the Internet and an asset for the company. Websites have proved to be an excellent marketer as more and more clients are searching the internet for vendors to do business ... Continue Reading →

6 steps to a great Online Presence!

Wondering why he gets more visitors to his website? We say, he has a great “Online Presence”! Having a website is a must for any business, but today it is just NOT enough. You have to build a great Online Presence. A quick recap; your “Online Presence” would include your website, blog, ... Continue Reading →

Help! My Email is Hacked!!

Can't login to your email account? Are you getting undeliverable and bounce messages for email you never sent? Are friends and clients complaining of receiving emails you never sent? Yes? You could have become the victim of a hacker!! Large numbers of people get hundreds of unwanted and unsubscribed mails in ... Continue Reading →

Website Maintenance : Richard Dave story – Could your website be harming your business?

                      A frustrated and angry Richard Dave raved. But where did it all start. Three months back, Richard had decided to have a website. He had hired a freelancer to minimize his cost. What he had bargained ... Continue Reading →

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