Do you have a Mobile Friendly website? Google’s Mobilegeddon is here!

Google has finally rolled out its much touted mobile friendly algorithm.

In search engine land they call it Google's “Mobilegeddon”. Google’s aim is to ensure that mobile-friendly pages and websites are given a boost in Google’s mobile search.

Will my website be affected?
The rapid technology development coupled with high-speed internet browsing, sophisticated personal & professional data management, and the evolution of 3G and 4G network technologies has seen an explosive growth in the smartphone users.

Now with Google ensuring mobile-friendly pages is given a boost in mobile search results it becomes imperative that you have a mobile friendly website. 

For those of you whose website is not mobile friendly, it could be a likely drop in traffic from the mobile audience. For mobile friendly website, this means it’s time to up the game.

According to a survey conducted by Google, today more and more people would feel comfortable making business decisions via mobile. 
And, this is likely to heat up even more now!

All websites have to be mobile friendly to tap the Google advantage. Be it an eCommerce website or otherwise, it would have to be made mobile friendly and responsive. 

Final word.
Google has been always insisting on having a mobile friendly website and have been advocating what that means for search engine optimization. 

Redesigning your website into a responsive and mobile friendly website should be your immediate priority. Whether it is streamlining your checkout process for mobile users or making your conversion landing pages suited to the mobile visitor, it is worth to consider in your next website redesign.


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