FORBIDDEN: Mass mailing is not allowed on Shared Hosting!

“It’s Monday. I have some urgent mails to send and all my mails are blocked. No outgoing and no incoming. Please rectify ASAP”, Customer of TROPPUS, via SMS at 10.54 AM, Monday morning. What a way to start the week! Since morning we at TROPPUS have been bludgeon with calls from agitated ... Continue Reading →

How to Optimize your Website?

You are out for a trip and you are completely new to that area. Imagine, you’re unfamiliar about the place and you are interested to watch a movie, or visit a decent restaurant, or a good coffee shop or some other local stores or a local business.         Now what will you ... Continue Reading →

Working towards customer engagement, retention and loyalty with “website contents”.

Did you know that your website contents have the ability to attract your most potential customers to your website?   It is proven that almost 80% of all online viewers reach out to the search engines to solve their problems. And amazingly, only 20% of these visitors reach the home page of any website. Majority ... Continue Reading →

My site has been labelled as “This site may harm your computer.” What do I do?

It simply means your website is compromised.   A compromised website is one that has been accessed by someone other than you. That someone has figured out your password (without your knowledge or consent) and was able to log in to your website. Can you afford to neglect this?   What are malwares? The ... Continue Reading →

Continuous Website Maintenance & Website Updation is the key to your Website’s Success.

When was the last time you Updated your Website?   On the internet, your website is the first thing that your potential customers view, to know your business. It weighs more than anything in their decision to do business with you. So it would be suicidal not to maintain your website and leave it as it is.   Did ... Continue Reading →

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