Unsubscribe “Get me off your mailing list!”

It's Ok. It happens to the best of us…   People unsubscribe. Even if you have the best contents… even if you are the best email marketer… People will still hit that stupid “unsubscribe” button. Don’t take it personally. Continue Reading →

Working towards customer engagement, retention and loyalty with “website contents”.

Did you know that your website contents have the ability to attract your most potential customers to your website?   It is proven that almost 80% of all online viewers reach out to the search engines to solve their problems. And amazingly, only 20% of these visitors reach the home page of any website. Majority ... Continue Reading →

OMG!! My Website is Hacked!!!

OMG!! My Website is Hacked!!! One fine morning as you type your website URL, you suddenly realise your website is not there. You freeze; “Oh My God, where is my website!” Picking up your mobile you fumble to TROPPUS. “Hello … TROPPUS?” ... Continue Reading →

Upgrade your traditional website

Upgrade your traditional website to a WordPress website WordPress rules the CMS website and blog sites. It is one of the fastest growing publishing platforms on the web confirms CrunchBase.“Wordpress began as a blogging platform but soon evolved to include additional types of websites including news sites, corporate ... Continue Reading →

If you don’t have a website, you are not doing any business!

It is said that 80% of almost all businesses has been searched, located and compared on the Internet. So if your business does not have a website and is not on the Internet, you are not even in the race. A website is the most essential component of all businesses. That said, it is just not enough that your business ... Continue Reading →

Hosting for your Webites

Hunting website hosts for your precious website can be a daunting task,especially when the options are more and technical jargons equally more. ‘Generally’ most of the business websites would be hosted on 3 common hosting types: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers or VPS ... Continue Reading →

Why should your vanilla website NOT be a Responsive Website?

“Why should I switch over to a Responsive Website?” interrupted my client.  You know the one thing that I hate?  Having to change my car tyre on a busy road and your mobile ringing incessantly! Imagine being stuck with a flat tyre, attempting to lift the wheel and trying understanding your ... Continue Reading →

Why do websites fail?

TROPPUS presents 4 common reasons in a series: Reason 1. : My website design sucks! A common perception! The grass is greener at the other end. “Look at his [my competitor] website, it is so nice. He gets so many visitors to his site; My website sucks!” Most website owners look for instant ... Continue Reading →

Why is my Email going to Spam?

“Ok guys! This is very frustrating! Every time I send a mail out, it goes into my client's spam box. Why is my email going to spam? I tired of informing my clients to search his spam box for my mails. It’s so embarrassing!” Have you faced a similar scenario? Catching your ... Continue Reading →

My site has been labelled as “This site may harm your computer.” What do I do?

It simply means your website is compromised.   A compromised website is one that has been accessed by someone other than you. That someone has figured out your password (without your knowledge or consent) and was able to log in to your website. Can you afford to neglect this?   What are malwares? The ... Continue Reading →

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