Website Maintenance : Richard Dave story – Could your website be harming your business?












A frustrated and angry Richard Dave raved.

But where did it all start.

Three months back, Richard had decided to have a website. He had hired a freelancer to minimize his cost. What he had bargained for was poor quality and professionalism. And when he wants to correct his website, the freelancer is not there. His website was actually hurting his business.

The tremendous strain of running a mid-level start-up had already consumed all his time and his website woes had started leading to lost visitors and customers. To make matters worse, some of his existing customers have started pointing his website errors to him.


But today after three months, Richard has reasons to be satisfied with his website maintenance and the customers he is able to garner from his website. Richard now concentrates more on his business and on the visitors, he gets through his website.

This is not just another story of a happy customer. Even as you read this blog, it could even be happening to your website!

Take stock today! Could your website be harming your business?



Customers worldwide use the internet to look for, compare and buy products. Broken links, spelling and grammatical errors, technical errors, flashing graphics, annoying pop-ups can actually drive visitors away as quickly as they came.

Search Engines give you the advantage to list and rank your website on its pages. Whether your website ranks on the first page or not depends on how frequently your website updated.

Effective websites would help your business to generate more leads online. Regular website maintenance ensures a professionalism and work hand-in-hand with the business improvement.


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