Recruiters, you have to Manage your Online Presence!

Managing-Recruiters-WebsiteMy website is "just" there. Clients don't see it, in spite of me telling them. Then why should I spend on my website?” Says a prominent Recruiter in Bangalore.

Do you also share the same feeling? 

Wouldn’t blame you! 

Most companies ignore recruiter’s website, as the recruiter is known to them or has dealt with him earlier.

We know him, so we deal with him”. Is the common take. 

Besides, what is there in their website? A page “about” the company, a page where the “job” requirements are posted and a “contact” page.  What is new in it?” Asks the company.

Wouldn’t blame them either!

But, look at this – he said “What is new in it?”  

This means that the clients would not mind visiting the recruiter's website, if there is something “new” and engaging in it.

Engage-Recruiter-ClientsCompanies expect the recruiter to find them appropriate candidates. Candidates too, expect the recruiters to find them appropriate jobs.To a candidate, an online presence is mandatory in today’s recruitment process. But what would a company find if it visits a recruiter’s online presence?

Recruiters should learn to engage their clients Online. Only then, can they expect their clients to visit and refer their Online Presence. And only then, can they expect to “expand” their business.

Recruiters should consider themselves as role models and must have their social profiles the same way that they wished their candidates should have. Professional, with appropriate images, videos and "mature" comments, without getting tangled in sensitive topics, should go a long way to build a long lasting relationship.

So, if you, as a recruiter, are looking for more client interaction Online, then Manage your Online Presence professionally and Engage with your clients more.

Try it; it's fun once you get started. 



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