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project managementAs organisations go global, project delivery within the projected costs and schedules becomes a challenge. It all boils down to efficient Project Management. 

When the focus is more on core competencies, outsourcing becomes a popular concept. Outsourcing Project Management ensures reduced costs and resource restructuring which in turn leads to successful project outcomes.


Advatages of outsourcing Project Management.

  1. Possibilities of a negotiated Cost: An outsider would provide a fixed cost that can be negotiated to suit your budget. Compare this to a salary that has to be paid as per industry standards. 
  2. More focus: An outsider is less likely to be intimidated by office politics and would concentrate more on the project. This enables decisions that can add value to better completion of the project. 
  3. The Authoritative stance: An outsider is generally considered as a “know-it-all” superman and therefore his words would have a higher sway than the person who is inside. This view might take on a realistic approach as days go by. 
  4. Experience & Exposure: An outsider would have more experience as he would be working on multiple projects in different situations which would definitely benefit the project. Besides, he would also be exposed to the latest technologies. Remember we talked about a superman!

What could be the possible challenges to outsourcing?

  1. Restrict sensitive organisational data: An outsourced project manager is a “hired gun”, an “outsider” and you would need to restrict access to sensitive organisational data to him. 
  2. Strained relationships: Chances are that a hired project manager can be very authoritative and a pain in the a*** for your team, who may turn non co-operative leading to your intervention and to inevitable delays. 
  3. Reliability & Accountability: Outsourced project managers are not internal stakeholders, and hence not impacted by the business outcomes of the project; therefore, it is critical to ensure reliability. 

So, when you outsource your project management, just make sure the decision fits your company culture and that outsourcing allows all project outcomes to effectively align with the business goals and strategic objectives.

"What is TROPPUS Project Management all about?"

body_logoTROPPUS Project Management is focussed on “web based” applications. Starting with idea analysis and estimation stage, our Project Managers can get on board at any stage of the project. 

The TROPPUS Advantage
TROPPUS Project Managers makes excellent team co-ordinators. We: 

  1. determine the requirements, resources and schedule for project implementation; 
  2. create and maintain technical and project documentation; 
  3. perform team assessment and evaluation; 
  4. assign individual responsibilities within the team; 
  5. manage the day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope control; 
  6. effectively predict, prevent and/or solve project issues

TROPPUS Project Scheduling
Project scheduling is important to ensure project gets completed and achieve success. TROPPUS understands resource strengths and creates realistic schedules that are effective.  

TROPPUS Transparency
Planning of the project is one thing; and making you, as the client, to understand the plan is another. TROPPUS ensure all planning is understood by the clients. TROPPUS is open to changes that clients make and shall revisit or recharge the plan accordingly. Client also can track the progress of the project and remark on it. 

To discuss your project with TROPPUS call +918892000793. 


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