How to Improve your Website Conversion?

anxious“I have a website. 
And I have created my business profile on all known social platform known. Yet, I am not getting customers. 
My website conversion is very poor!

Sounds familiar! Welcome to the world of “skimming”.  You do this everyday with your newspaper. You "skim" through the newspages.Only the headlines. When something catches your attention/interest you "stay on" to read more. 

Unlinlike the newspapaer, out in the digital format, there is tearing hurry. Your website visitors skim through your web pages to judge if they need to “stay on” or “go on”. In just 3 seconds!

Dude, is your website up to it? Check it out!

Let’s start with; what is the main attraction of your website?

It is your website’s ‘presentation’ – the loading time, the contextual aspect and the ease to navigate within. 

Right tipsSo dude, if your website is not presentable, you have a serious problem on hand and these 7 tips may help solve it:

1. Speed Thrills

Does your web page take a long time to load? If yes, you have a problem to fix. 

Speed is the single most important element that would impress your visitors. If your website takes 3 seconds or longer to load, it will simply be abandoned by visitors. So, optimise your contents, your images and have fewer pop ups. It also helps with ranking on Google and other search engines.

2.    Homepage chaos 
Nobody likes a clustered web page!
Your home page is the most important part of your website. A good home page is visually comfortable with a prominent navigation bar that allows the visitor a hassle free navigation. White space aka ‘blank space’ is very important to enhance readability. Also keep your homepage contents simple, cryptic and interesting. 

3.    Mobile friendliness  
Of late there is a lot of talk on responsive website. More than 50% of your web viewers are on the Mobile. Even Google has openly endorsed the advantages of a mobile friendly website. A fast, responsive website that resizes to accommodate mobile devices helps visitors to view your website on the move. 

4.    Easy Navigation 
Is navigating on your website an ordeal? 
A good website would have its navigation prominently placed with clearly a represented menu. Page titles should speak to visitors’ logic and not their imagination.
Burying your social media buttons is another mistake most website owners make. Your business should be proud to be social, so make it obvious to your audience. 

5.    Guide Them
Are you sure your visitors know what to do on your website? 
‘Calls to action’ buttons and simple instructions such as "call us," "click here" or "subscribe to our newsletter", can guide your visitors through your website. Don’t you want people to know how to make the best out of your website and ultimately contribute to your services? 

6.    Contents is the King
Customers do not enter your website through the home page alone. Making your home page interesting and leaving the rest of the pages is the worst mistake you can do. 
Instead of using technical terms, complex words and jargons, keep your contents simple and informative. Understand your audience and create interesting contents that are “relate-able” and “react-able”.

7.    Active Blog
One big reason why your customers come to your website is because they want information. And your blogs can carry a lot of information related to your business. 
If you have not updated your blog for a long time and your blogs contain old and outdated content, your customers would not stay for long. If they have nothing new to read, why would they stay? 
It is very important to maintain a rhythm in your blog postings and to stick to those posting schedules.

body_logoLast word
You have a legitimate company. Then why let silly website blunders make visitors think otherwise? Ensure that it your website is the best it can be. This often means adding on elements that are good for visitors and removing those that are frustrating. 

These tips would help keep many visitors on your website and help improve your website conversion. 


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