Why should your vanilla website NOT be a Responsive Website?

“Why should I switch over to a Responsive Website?” interrupted my client. 

You know the one thing that I hate? 

tyre punctureHaving to change my car tyre on a busy road and your mobile ringing incessantly!

Imagine being stuck with a flat tyre, attempting to lift the wheel and trying understanding your client’s query with the mobile wedged between your shoulder and ear. 

An extreme challenge, if you are not used to it! 

But, a customer is a customer. So however aggravated, I keep cool.

“Let me explain”, I say.

“The concept of designing a business website has undergone a radical change. Today, websites are expected to be viewed on differentresponsvie gadgets and experiences. A Responsive design is just the answer for this.  

Here are three reasons you should switch your website to a responsive design.

  1. Mobile users are increasing at a very healthy rate. More searches are happening on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets than on fixed devices like desktops. Your website has to address this need, if you want to be competitive. 
  2. Google have openly endorsed responsive website design. This means a responsive design can have a positive impact on your search engine ranking. When returning search results, Google will favour websites that serve a good experience to the user. 
  3. As is the rationale behind responsive design is to be available for all devices, this is in effect future proofing your website against the release of new devices. We are already seeing this with the release of Retina and Ultra HD screens.

There you go. You have three reasons to reflect upon. 

Now please if you’ll excuse me, I have a flat tyre to change”, I close.



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