How to be on the top of the search engines?

Search engines provide a good opportunity for promoting your business online. In an era where search engines are fast emerging to be the number one research entities, how to be on top is the real challenge.

The first step to get your website on the top pages of the search engines is to optimize it, a process that is termed as Search Engine

Optimizing or SEO. By optimizing your website you stand a good chance to get more traffic to your website, thereby forcing the website to climb up the search engine slot.

Optimizing your website is a professional job, best handled by professionals. The following checklist of a few important SEO fundamentals could make your website go on the top of the search engines.

1. Link popularity.
2. Use of proper metatags and title tags.
3. Find the number of indexed pages.
4. Link popularity of Inbound links.
5. Find all related websites .
6. Keywords used in the page content.
7. How popular sites are that link to you.
8. SEO tools.

Amongst the search engines Google has retained 75% user base and remains one of the preferred search engines amongst the users. So it is essential that your website reflects in the top of Google search page.


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