Low cost website design can also be professional, informative and responsive.

In a world obsessed with the Internet, any decision is taken after a lot of deliberation and comparison on the net. To be a part of this competition, a website becomes an integral part of your business.

It does not matter whether you are start-up or a small business. On the internet, without a website you do not have a business.  

You are what your website shows. So keep your website design simple and easily “searchable”.

There are two things here: Website Design and “search ability” on the Internet. Let us talk about website design and how to keep your website design low cost.

A Website is a well thought out presentation of your business on the Net. Depending on the designer and the time required for designing the website, it can cost as low as $30 and go up according to the complexities involved. Low cost website designs, costing around $30 to $50, are generally sought after by start-ups and small companies; to whom initial expenditure matters.

You too can help in getting a low cost website design. Here are 5 tips to keep your website design low cost and yet have a professional website:

1.Clear communications

You know your company and its activities better than anybody and therefore you know your website requirement better. Communicating this requirement to the designer, in a clear, written format is essential and would help to get a low cost website design.

2.How complex should your website be?

Take an example: How do want your viewers to navigate through your website? Should you require them to enter his credentials and then these credentials should be captured in a database and shown in a customised report? This could require a lot of time to complete this one page.

Website design cost are dependent on the time taken to design the website. Lesser the complexities and you can keep your website design low cost.

3.Cost of meetings and personal interactions

One to one meeting takes up your time and the designers. Not to mention the travel time. If the communication is clear, then these meeting can be restricted or done if absolutely necessary.

Have the details about your business clearly written down and sent by email. The pictures and images that go into the website could also be sent through emails. This would avoid a lot of frequent meetings and can help to get a low cost website design.

4.Delayed approvals

Most clients delay when it comes to approvals. This would mean the resource allocated to do the project is wasted. The cost would naturally go up.

Giving your approvals in time can go a long way to keep your website design low cost.

5.Travel is costly.

Travelling to the clients place to collect the text materials or purchase order or cheques is costly. Send your text and images through mail. Send your cheques through Bank Transfer or payment gateways. This will also help to keep your website design low cost. 

Websites are an integral part of your business. You need it. But you do not need to pay a bomb for a simple, professional, responsive and easily navigable website. Low cost websites can be professional too. By following the tips mentioned above you can keep your website design LOW cost.


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