How important is Website Backup!


Imagine you opening your website first thing in the morning. And a message pops saying “your website is hacked” accompanied by a sinister laugh.

It could freak you real hard! Correct?   

Let me guess your first reaction to the situation?

Search for a backup?               

That’s it!

But, where is the website backup? Think! Think!  

Maybe your old developer has a backup? Or maybe you could find a backup with your hosting service? Or maybe…                                             

C’mon, is your business running on "MAYBEs"?

When the website is the most important tool for your business, then it is your bloody business to BACKUP your website!

How could you miss it?

This could be the situation if your website was attacked by a virus, or if your web server is crashed!

Always ensure a website backup!

Website backup has its reasons and benefits,

  1. Hosting servers are computer devices that are subject to wear and crashes. In case of a crash your back up would come to immense use.
  2. If your website has been hit by a virus or it is hacked by a prankster. Your website backup would ensure peace of mind.
  3. If you would want to change your hosting service, your backup would be a great help.
  4. If you have screwed up while updating your website, your website backup can be of great help.
  5. If your ecommerce website has a daily backup, it would help you to recover almost instantly.

In all probabilities these reasons could only be a scratch on the surface and there could be more. But, the fact is Website Backup is very important.  

How often would you backup?

If you are creating contents on a regular basis or you have a product site that releases new products or offers regularly, backing up once a week is important. Otherwise, it could monthly too. The schedule would depend on the type of the website, type of the industry and how you often you maintain your website.

Website Backups are super important, so you have a “clean” version of your website to restore if anything goes wrong.  Your website maintenance provider would be the right resource who would schedule and professionally backup your website.

On the internet, nothing stays still. So website backup is your only hope for a professional website experience.



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