Website Maintenance for a healthy business.

So you have a website. What next? Get website maintenance! Regular visitors to your website ensure regular business to you. Website visitors and search engines love to visit those sites which are maintained at regular intervals. So get website maintenance. Continue Reading →

Recruiters, you have to Manage your Online Presence!

“My website is "just" there. Clients don't see it, in spite of me telling them. Then why should I spend on my website?” Says a prominent Recruiter in Bangalore. Do you also share the same feeling?  Wouldn’t blame you!  Most companies ignore recruiter’s website, ... Continue Reading →

“Blogging” An effective way to escape Search Engine ranking doldrums

Blogging – An effective way to escape Search Engine ranking doldrums. The need for a good search engine ranking is felt by most companies. With Google already incorporating freshness and social media buzz into its algorithms, only optimising the website would not do. Social Media and other human interaction ... Continue Reading →

Can you ignore the importance of websites to your business?

What does a successful business need? More customers, bigger market share, staying ahead of the competition, effective marketing, low running cost and of course, more profit. Surely these sum up your business needs too. With your business success path is revolutionised by the “Net” and the number of people ... Continue Reading →

Why the hell would I want Website Maintenance?

“I designed my website and I paid the fellow a lot of money for it. Now you say I should maintain my website. And spend more money on it?…. Bullshit!! I mean; why the hell would I want your website maintenance? I don’t even know what I would get in return…. ”. Extract of a conversation ... Continue Reading →

Letting Social Media Market Your Business!

Social Media is a phrase that is being tossed around a lot today – and you just can’t miss it. And it is no more a kid stuff. With businesses getting hold of the Internet, big time, Social Media marketing provides businesses a tremendous opportunity to connect with potential customers. Continue Reading →

Why Website Optimisation is relevant to your website?

Why should I optimise my website? What is the advantage? How is website optimisation relevant to my business?  Asks most small businesses, who have an online presence.  Take a look at a tech prediction of the recent times:  “India will have 526m internet users by 2018” Cisco predicts ... Continue Reading →

Importance of CTAs on your website!

“Action goal” has to be clearly defined in any Business Website. How does your website guide your visitors to do business with you? Continue Reading →