Content Marketing with the Gods!

“What is the use of contents if I cannot push my services?”, quips a member while discussing the merits of a particular company blog. True… very true! It is your content and you have all right to put what you want on it! But, why should I accept it? Nobody likes to be “sold”; ... Continue Reading →

Working towards customer engagement, retention and loyalty with “website contents”.

Did you know that your website contents have the ability to attract your most potential customers to your website?   It is proven that almost 80% of all online viewers reach out to the search engines to solve their problems. And amazingly, only 20% of these visitors reach the home page of any website. Majority ... Continue Reading →

Dude, Your Hosting Server is Down?

    Dude, where is your website gone? …. and then the nightmare starts!       One of the biggest mishaps you could probably encounter with your website is your hosting server being down. It could be your worst nightmare!   Why me?  You scream! Then ... Continue Reading →

If you don’t have a website, you are not doing any business!

It is said that 80% of almost all businesses has been searched, located and compared on the Internet. So if your business does not have a website and is not on the Internet, you are not even in the race. A website is the most essential component of all businesses. That said, it is just not enough that your business ... Continue Reading →

How important is Website Backup!

                         Imagine you opening your website first thing in the morning. And a message pops saying “your website is hacked” accompanied by a sinister laugh. It could freak you real hard! Correct?    ... Continue Reading →

FORBIDDEN: Mass mailing is not allowed on Shared Hosting!

“It’s Monday. I have some urgent mails to send and all my mails are blocked. No outgoing and no incoming. Please rectify ASAP”, Customer of TROPPUS, via SMS at 10.54 AM, Monday morning. What a way to start the week! Since morning we at TROPPUS have been bludgeon with calls from agitated ... Continue Reading →

Website Maintenance : Richard Dave story – Could your website be harming your business?

                      A frustrated and angry Richard Dave raved. But where did it all start. Three months back, Richard had decided to have a website. He had hired a freelancer to minimize his cost. What he had bargained ... Continue Reading →