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    The key to having a great website maintenance is an affordable pricing plans, designed to best fit your requirements and budgets.
    TROPPUS MONTHLY PLANs offers a certain fixed hour every month for a flat fee. TROPPUS ON CALL Plan gives you the flexibility
    of using our website maintenance service whenever you want, without any serious commitments.
  • Website Maintenance Plans
    As per your geographical location TROPPUS would invoice all India clients in Indian Rupees (INR), European clients in
    Euros (Euros) and the rest of the world in US Dollars (USD).

TP 5

Small website or blog

$60 .00 / month

5 Hours

Additional Hours @ $12

No carry over hours

TP 10

Website with high traffic

$110 / month

10 Hours

Additional Hours @ $11

carry over - 1

TP 20

High performance with applications

$180 / month

20 Hours

Additional Hours @ $9

carry over - 3


One Time Requirement

$15 / Hour

N/A Hours

Additional Hours @ $15

No carry over hours

What can you expect in TP5

Update a blog

Update Business page
on Facebook, LinkedIn,
Twitter and Google page


Update Page Keywords

Upload to website

Submit to search engines


Update a page

Update meta tags

Upload an image

Add a new page

Update Contents

TROPPUS Crossover

Not able to use all the hours of your plan, in the month? Don't fret! TROPPUS Crossover is designed to carry over some unused[carry over] hours to the next month.

How it Works?

Let us assume you have opted for TP10, you would have 10hrs for the month. If for some reason you have not been able to use all the hours and you have some hours as balance, then to a maximum of 1hr can be carried forward to the next month. You will therefore have 11 hour next month, but you would be billed for 10 hrs.


Why spend more if you are sure you can’t give us more tasks. Don’t jeopardise your holiday, birthday, wedding, honeymoon or any other social event. TROPPUS gives you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plans to suit your needs for that point in time. Just plan your event and give us a 30 days’ notice.

Terms and Conditions

1. Charges apply from the day you have registered for the plan.

2. Unless otherwise scheduled, Monthly Plan charges have to paid in advance.

3. TROPPUS team would be available 5 days a week, 8hrs per day. However any urgent tasks that need to be done on weekends would be done at 1.5 times the hourly rate applicable as per your membership plan with us.

4. All prices are quoted for a basic HTML tasks only. Any tasks needing specialized skills, would be extra as applicable.

5. You can upgrade or downgrade between any two plans with a 30 day notice period.

6. All plans require a 30 day notice period for termination.

7. As mentioned in the plan, unused time (crossover hours) from what is allotted to you in a month gets rolled over to the next month automatically.

8. Your accumulated crossover hours have to be used within 3 months.

a) If you do not use the crossover hours it would be lost indefinitely.

b) If you change from one plan to another plan, any accumulated carry forward hours would be lost indefinitely.

c) In the event of cancellation, your crossover hours, if any, is lost indefinitely.

d) Crossover hours is not redeemable for cash or credit and is not transferable.

Terms applicable to ON CALL plan

ON CALL plan is for clients with one time projects.

ON CALL plan Clients will have to pay USD 20 or equivalent as administrative charges each time, during registration.

a) This amount is adjustable against billable hours that may use.