Why the hell would I want Website Maintenance?

“I designed my website and I paid the fellow a lot of money for it. Now you say I should maintain my website. And spend more money on it?…. Bullshit!! I mean; why the hell would I want your website maintenance? I don’t even know what I would get in return…. ”. Extract of a conversation ... Continue Reading →

Letting Social Media Market Your Business!

Social Media is a phrase that is being tossed around a lot today – and you just can’t miss it. And it is no more a kid stuff. With businesses getting hold of the Internet, big time, Social Media marketing provides businesses a tremendous opportunity to connect with potential customers. Continue Reading →

Why Website Optimisation is relevant to your website?

Why should I optimise my website? What is the advantage? How is website optimisation relevant to my business?  Asks most small businesses, who have an online presence.  Take a look at a tech prediction of the recent times:  “India will have 526m internet users by 2018” Cisco predicts ... Continue Reading →

Importance of CTAs on your website!

“Action goal” has to be clearly defined in any Business Website. How does your website guide your visitors to do business with you? Continue Reading →

Website Maintenance Key to sustained success of your website

If you aspire to have a successful website, then maintain it professionally and regularly. Regular maintenance is the key to any websites continued success. Continue Reading →

Unsubscribe “Get me off your mailing list!”

It's Ok. It happens to the best of us…   People unsubscribe. Even if you have the best contents… even if you are the best email marketer… People will still hit that stupid “unsubscribe” button. Don’t take it personally. Continue Reading →

Low cost website design can also be professional, informative and responsive.

In a world obsessed with the Internet, any decision is taken after a lot of deliberation and comparison on the net. To be a part of this competition, a website becomes an integral part of your business. It does not matter whether you are start-up or a small business. On the internet, without a website you do not have ... Continue Reading →

OMG!! My Website is Hacked!!!

OMG!! My Website is Hacked!!! One fine morning as you type your website URL, you suddenly realise your website is not there. You freeze; “Oh My God, where is my website!” Picking up your mobile you fumble to TROPPUS. “Hello … TROPPUS?” ... Continue Reading →

Professional Website Designs are not Cheap!

If your business does not have a website, your business does not exists! “Websites” have become an important communication tool on the Internet and an asset for the company. Websites have proved to be an excellent marketer as more and more clients are searching the internet for vendors to do business ... Continue Reading →

Why do websites fail?

TROPPUS presents 4 common reasons in a series: Reason 1. : My website design sucks! A common perception! The grass is greener at the other end. “Look at his [my competitor] website, it is so nice. He gets so many visitors to his site; My website sucks!” Most website owners look for instant ... Continue Reading →