How well do you Manage your Online Presence?

Your Business is now ONLINE and very SOCIAL. “Word of Mouth” is no more offline but ONLINE, featured with reviews, comments, recommendations, searches, likes and more. Today, if somebody desires to know about your business or your brand, guess where they would go!   You are right… ... Continue Reading →

5 tips to plan your Online Presence professionally!

The need for small businesses to have an online presence is becoming increasingly important! But, for the Online Presence to succeed, it has to be planned and also managed professionally.  Let us take the first element of an Online Presence for any business. The Website!  Having an impressively ... Continue Reading →

Email Marketing – Path to increased website traffic, improved business & better customer relations.

Does "Email Marketing" form a part of your company’s Marketing Strategy? Consider this: Marketing hinges on effective communication between a company and customer – prospective customers included. Email is by far the most preferred method for commercial communication by consumers. Professionals ... Continue Reading →

Hosting for your Webites

Hunting website hosts for your precious website can be a daunting task,especially when the options are more and technical jargons equally more. ‘Generally’ most of the business websites would be hosted on 3 common hosting types: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers or VPS ... Continue Reading →

How to Optimize your Website?

You are out for a trip and you are completely new to that area. Imagine, you’re unfamiliar about the place and you are interested to watch a movie, or visit a decent restaurant, or a good coffee shop or some other local stores or a local business.         Now what will you ... Continue Reading →

Engaging Visitors should be your priority!

Website engagement is all about creating and maximising value for your visitors on the website. This would in turn increase their frequency to return to your website, instil in them a tendency to tell their friends and increase the probability of them making a purchase. ‘Athiti Devo Bhava’ interprets as ... Continue Reading →