Continuous Website Maintenance & Website Updation is the key to your Website’s Success.

When was the last time you Updated your Website?   On the internet, your website is the first thing that your potential customers view, to know your business. It weighs more than anything in their decision to do business with you. So it would be suicidal not to maintain your website and leave it as it is.   Did ... Continue Reading →

Content Marketing – moving towards Online Success!

Do you want to market your business online? Now, who doesn’t, but how?  Create quality "Contents". That's the key.  Contents can be anything from text, still images, videos – anything on the web page that can attract visitors, convert prospects into customers or encourages ... Continue Reading →

Do you have a Mobile Friendly website? Google’s Mobilegeddon is here!

Google has finally rolled out its much touted mobile friendly algorithm. In search engine land they call it Google's “Mobilegeddon”. Google’s aim is to ensure that mobile-friendly pages and websites are given a boost in Google’s mobile search. Will my website be affected? The rapid technology ... Continue Reading →

Upgrade your traditional website

Upgrade your traditional website to a WordPress website WordPress rules the CMS website and blog sites. It is one of the fastest growing publishing platforms on the web confirms CrunchBase.“Wordpress began as a blogging platform but soon evolved to include additional types of websites including news sites, corporate ... Continue Reading →

Website Redesign without Website Maintenance; what’s the use?

Most businesses and website owners have an amazing mentality when it comes to their websites! Set it up & forget it! Result? Negligible or no visitors! And then they redesign the website.   We, as a part of our website maintenance spiel, ask the client what maintenance they expect after website redesign. ... Continue Reading →

6 steps to a great Online Presence!

Wondering why he gets more visitors to his website? We say, he has a great “Online Presence”! Having a website is a must for any business, but today it is just NOT enough. You have to build a great Online Presence. A quick recap; your “Online Presence” would include your website, blog, ... Continue Reading →

Website Redesign improves your online potential!

As website maintenance providers, we are constantly approached by lot businesses for their website redesign.  But, why redesign your website?  More traffic to the website, improved look and feel, incorporate business growth – are some of the common reasoning. And every business has a different reasoning. Maybe ... Continue Reading →

My site has been labelled as “This site may harm your computer.” What do I do?

It simply means your website is compromised.   A compromised website is one that has been accessed by someone other than you. That someone has figured out your password (without your knowledge or consent) and was able to log in to your website. Can you afford to neglect this?   What are malwares? The ... Continue Reading →